SPMT Hire in Scotland

At Sarens PSG, we have a comprehensive inventory of heavy transport equipment to assist in even the most demanding of projects.

Such equipment includes Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) to move single or multiple heavy components from one location to another across land, such as monopiles, tower and rotor blades, for your on-shore or off-shore wind turbine generator project.

Configurable Self Propelled Trailers For Heavy Loads

As a modular self propelled trailer, SPMTs can be configured and adapted in different widths and lengths to suit various dimensions of loads and logistical requirements, with the ability to link 4 or 6 axle lines. In addition, SPMT’s feature 360° steering to allow for flexible movement and navigation, with the ability to move forwards, backwards, sidewards and, in some cases, rotate. This versatile method of heavy transportation makes it easier to manoeuvre heavy components on site. The platform of an SPMT can also be hydraulically raised or lowered in height by 600mm to better assist with loads.

Self Propelled Modular Transporters
Our Fleet of Heavy Transport Solutions

Our self propelled trailers include the latest Generation 4 equipment from German manufacturer, Kamag, that offer a capacity of 36 up to 45 tons per axle line, with up to 300 lines of SPMTs available. These robust SPMTs are an integral piece of heavy transportation for any commercial or industrial project, whether it be for on-shore or off-shore wind farms or other renewable energy projects, civil constructions or petrochemical components.

Contact Sarens PSG To Hire SPMT Trailer For Your Project

If you require specialist assistance for transporting heavy loads on site, complete with qualified SPMT operators, then speak to a member of the Sarens PSG team today.

Our fleet of powerful SPMTs and heavy lifting cranes means we’re able to deliver bespoke solutions for even the most difficult and ambitious of heavy projects.

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